If the paper path test works it may be a software or user related issue Perform the following steps

1 Define the media types that are loaded in each paper tray. This can be done from either JetAdmin or the front control panel of the printer.

From JetAdmin

1 Select the Trays tab.

2 Select the correct media type for each tray listed.

3 Click on OK save your changes and exit JetAdmin.

From the Control Panel

Note To set the paper type for Tray 1, set from the

Paper Handling Menu.

1 From the Paper Handling Menu, press Item to select a specific tray.

2 Press + until you get to the correct type of media.

3 Press Select.

4 Repeat this step for each paper tray.

5 Press Go.

6 From inside your application, choose the page setup option for that application.

7 Select the paper source / type option.

8 Select the correct media source / type for the first page.

9 Select the correct media source / type for all other pages.

Note You must have the HP LaserJet 8100 printer selected in your application in order for your application to provide you with the correct paper tray and media type selections.

CAUTION Do not make changes to the driver unless the application does not provide this option. Print job settings selected through your application always override settings made through the printer driver. Printer settings made in the application or print driver always override the corresponding setting made on the printer Control Panel.

10 Print the document.

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