Customizing Tray 1 Operation

Customize Tray 1 to fit your printing needs.

The printer can be set to print from Tray 1 as long as it is loaded, or to print only from Tray 1 if the type of paper loaded is specifically requested. Set "

or tray 1 mode=crssette from the Paper Handling Menu in the printer's control panel. (Print speed might be slightly slower when printing from Tray 1 when .)

Tray 1 Mode=First

If you do not keep paper in Tray 1 all the time, or you use Tray 1 only for manually feeding paper, keep the default setting, Paper Handling Menu.

in the means that the printer usually pulls paper from Tray 1 first unless it is empty or closed.

You can still choose paper from other trays by specifically choosing another tray in the printer driver or from your software application.

Tray 1 Mode=Cassette

MODE=CfiSSETTE means the printer treats Tray 1 like the internal trays. Instead of looking for paper in Tray 1 first, the printer pulls paper either starting from the bottom tray upward (from the tray with the highest capacity to the tray with the least capacity), or the tray that matches type or size settings selected from the software.

• When is set, an option appears in the Paper Handling Menu to configure size as well as type settings for Tray 1.

• Through the printer driver or from within your software application, you can select paper from any tray (including Tray 1) by type, size, or source. To print by type and size of paper, see page 134.

Manually Feeding Paper from Tray 1

The Manual Feed feature allows you to print on special paper from Tray 1, such as envelopes or letterhead. If Manual Feed is selected, the printer will print only from Tray 1.

Select Manual Feed through the software or printer driver. Manual Feed can also be enabled from the Paper Handling Menu in the printer's control panel.

Note When Manual Feed is selected, if TRfiv 1 mode=first the printer automatically prints (if paper is in the tray). If the printer prompts to load Tray 1 whether or not Tray 1 is loaded. This enables you to load different paper if necessary. Press Go to print from Tray 1.

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