To Print Using the Infrared Port

The infrared (IR) port on your HP LaserJet 5P or 5MP printer is located on the lower front left corner of the printer (Figure 8). This port is compliant with the specifications determined by the Infrared Data Association (IrDA). Just above the port is a status light that indicates when the port is activated. To use the IR port, you need to use a portable device that also includes an IrDA-compliant IR port and be within the range of operation (see Figure 9).

Figure 8 IrDA Port Location

The IR port is compatible with a wide variety of IrDA-compliant portable devices; however, the method for printing will vary depending on the type of device and the operating system in use. Refer to the instruction manual for your portable equipment for specific instructions on printing from that device.

The IR port works by receiving data similarly to a serial port, however, without a cable and operates at speeds of up to 115 k bits per second. When the IR connection is established, the status light comes on. If the connection is broken or when the print job is complete, the status light goes off.

1. Make sure the printer is in Ready Mode (the Ready light is on).

2. Align your laptop computer (or other portable equipment) that is equipped with an IrDA-compliant IR port within 3 feet

(1 m) of the IR port on the printer and at an angle of+15 degrees to ensure printing (Figure 9).

3. Send the print job. The status light above the IR port turns on (printing a complex document or using a software print spooler on your PC may delay the time it takes for the IR status light to turn on). If the status light does not turn on, realign the port on your portable equipment with the port on the printer, resend the print job and stay within the range of operation during printing.

4. If you have to move the device, for example, to add paper, make sure you stay within the range of operation to maintain the connection. If the connection is interrupted before your print job is complete, the IR port status light will turn off. You have from 3 to 40 seconds (depending on the host implementation) to correct the interruption and continue the job. In this case, the IR port status light turns back on.

5. The connection can be permanently broken (interrupted for more than 3 to 40 seconds) if the "sending" IR port is moved out of the range of operation or if anything passes between the two ports to block the transmission, such as a hand or piece of paper, or even direct sunlight. In this case, the job needs to be reprinted.

Figure 9

SRDĂ„ Port ranges

If you still have problems printing, make sure you are using an IrDA-compliant device and proper software and have selected the proper port for printing. See "Infrared Port Not Responding" on page 65.

j\| q ( e The IrDA standard for infrared communications represents an emerging technology. Older non-IrDA-compliant portable devices may not be compatible with your HP LaserJet 5P/5MP printer. If you continue to have problems printing using the IR port, contact the manufacturer or dealer where you purchased your portable device to verify compatibility with the IrDA standard, and follow the troubleshooting procedure immediately __following.

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