MS Windows Printer Drivers

The printer drivers enable your MS Windows applications to communicate with your printer and use all of your printer's features. Once you load the MS Windows drivers, you can reach them from the Print dialog box in any MS Windows application. This is usually accessed from the Printer Setup or Printer Options selection, however, each application may be different. The MS Windows Printer Drivers work in the MS Windows 3.1, 3.11, MS Windows for Workgroups and MS Windows 95 environments.

Note Each driver has screen helps which can be activated from the Help button on each property sheet on the printer driver. These help screens can give detailed information about the specific driver you are using.

These driver helps are separate from your software application's screen helps. You will know that you are in an HP printer driver if the HP logo is on the bottom of the window.

HP LaserJet 5/5M - Standard

The standard driver provides full backward compatibility for LaserJet printers. This allows you to print documents created with other HP drivers and ensure that the output will be similar. This driver can be selected in the Printers settings window located in the MS Windows Control Panel.

HP LaserJet 5/5M - Enhanced

This is a new, enhanced driver which provides better printing performance with complex graphics in MS Windows, as well as better WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) performance. This may provide output which is slightly different than earlier drivers which were not WYSIWYG. This driver can be selected from the MS Windows Printer Control Panel.

PostScript Level 2

The PostScript for MS Windows driver for MS Windows 3.1 and MS Windows 95 provides new functions such as n-up printing and watermarks.

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