Install Printer Drivers and Utilities optional

Printer drivers are specialized programs designed to allow specific software applications to function with the HP LaserJet printers. Printer utilities include such things as the HP Explorer program modules, which enhance the usability of the printer and provide convenient access to printer features outside of specific software applications.

How to Obtain Printer Drivers

First, check the software's printer selection feature to see if the printer is listed among the available printers. If it is not, run the software's SETUP or INSTALL program to install a "printer driver" or "printer file" for the printer.

Here are some ways to obtain printer drivers and Software Application Notes for HP LaserJet printers:

• Check the Printing Software package to see if it includes a driver for your software.

• Order an updated driver from the software vendor.

• Call Hewlett-Packard at 303-353-7650.

• Obtain a driver request form by fax through HP FIRST (call 1-800-333-1917).

• Download a driver through CompuServe's HP Forum. To sign up for CompuServe, call 1-800-848-8199.

!jy q i a While waiting for a specific HP LaserJet printer driver, you can substitute a similar printer driver (such as a driver for the HP LaserJet III, HIP, or 4 printer). These substitute drivers will allow you to use the printer, but they do not _____support all of the printer's features.

Using the Printing Software Package

The Printing Software package supplied with the printer provides many useful programs and utilities, including:

o Printer drivers for several popular software applications.

© Utilities for automatically copying printer drivers onto your hard disk.

® Software Application Notes for the above applications.

© The HP Explorer utilities, including:

• A setup program which installs other HP Explorer modules and automatically updates the computer's AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files. Use the setup program to add or delete any of HP Explorer's utilities at any time.

• The HP Explorer Remote Control Panel allows changes to printer settings from the computer's screen. It supplements the software's printer support to permit complete control over the printer's features.

• The HP Explorer Status Monitor is a "Terminate-and-Stay-Resident" (TSR) program that automatically displays messages from the printer on the computer's screen whenever the printer's status changes.

• The HP Explorer Travel Guide is a guide to the printer's features. It also serves as an on-line help utility when using other HP Explorer modules.

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