Printing Cards Custom Size and Heavy Paper

Custom-size paper can be printed from Tray 1 or the optional 500-sheet tray. For paper specifications, see page A-2.

Note Choose A5 and B5 (ISO) as custom sizes in the printer driver for

Tray 2 and Tray 3 (HP LaserJet 4000 T/4000 TN printers) and the optional 500-sheet tray. Settings for these sizes are marked in the tray, but custom settings must be selected in the software and from the printer's control panel.

Tray Minimum Size Maximum Size

Tray 1 3 by 5 inches 8.5 by 14 inches

Optional 500-Sheet Tray 5.8 by 8.2 inches 8.5 by 14 inches

The maximum paper weight is 53 lb (199 g/m2) from Tray 1 and 28 lb (105 g/m2) from the 500-sheet tray.

Note To prevent curl and other problems, heavy paper and very small custom-size paper should be printed from Tray 1 to the rear output bin. Open the rear output bin to use it (page 25).

The printer's control panel can be set for one custom size at a time. Do not load more than one size of custom paper into the printer.

Guidelines for Printing Custom-Size Paper

• Do not attempt to print on paper smaller than 3 inches (76 mm) wide or 5 inches (127 mm) long.

• Set page margins at least .17 inch (4.23 mm) away from the edges.

Setting Custom Paper Sizes

When custom paper is loaded, size settings need to be selected from the software application (the preferred method), the printer driver, or from the printer's control panel.

Note Settings in the printer driver and software application override control panel settings. (Software application settings override printer driver settings.)

If the settings are not available from the software, set the custom paper size from the control panel:

1 From the Printing Menu set .

2 From the Printing Menu, select inches or millimeters as the unit of measurement.

3 From the Printing Menu, set the X dimension (the front edge of the paper) as shown in Figure 15. X can be 3 to 8.5 inches (76 to 216 mm).

4 Set the Y dimension (the side edge of the paper) as shown in Figure 15. Y can be 5 to 14 inches (127 to 356 mm).

5 If custom paper is loaded into Tray 1 and , then set from the Paper Handling Menu in the printer's control panel. See "Customizing Tray 1 Operation" on page 50.

If custom paper is loaded in the optional 500-sheet tray, be sure the paper size dial is set to Custom (page 29).

6 In the software, select Custom as the paper size.

For example, if the custom paper is 8 by 10 inches (203 by 254 mm), set X=8 inches and Y=10 inches (X=203 millimeters and Y=254 millimeters).

The control panel must be set if the PCL 5e driver is used, or custom paper is loaded long-edge first (X is longer than Y).

This section will help you take full advantage of the printer's features. These tasks are "advanced" because they require you to change settings from the printer's control panel or the printer driver.

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