To print on transparencies or labels

Be sure to set the correct media type in the device settings (printer driver) as instructed in the following procedure. The device adjusts the fuser temperature according to the media type setting. When printing on special media such as transparencies or labels, this adjustment prevents the fuser from damaging the media as it passes through the device.

1. Open the straight-through output door on the back of the device.

2. Load a single page in the priority input tray or load multiple pages in the media input tray. Make sure that the top of the media is forward and the side to be printed on (the rough side of transparencies) is facing up.

3. Adjust the media guides.

4. For Windows printer drivers, on the Paper tab or the Paper/Quality tab, select the correct media type from the Type is: drop-down list.

For Macintosh printer drivers, on the Paper/Quality tab or the Paper tab (the Paper Type/Quality tab for some Macintosh drivers), select the correct media type.

Note Not all device features are available for all printer drivers or operating systems. See the device properties (driver) online Help for information about the available features for the driver.

5. Print the document. Remove the media from the back of the device as it exits to prevent it from sticking together, and place the printed pages on a flat surface.

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