Feeding media from tray 1 manually

The manual feed feature is another way of printing on special media from tray 1. Setting MANUAL FEED to ON either in the printer driver or at the printer control panel stops the printer after each job is sent, allowing you time to load special paper or other print media in tray 1. Press ^ (Select button) to continue printing.

If tray 1 contains media when you send the print job, and the printer control panel has TRAY 1 SIZE=ANY and TRAY 1 TYPE=ANY as the default configuration for tray 1 operation, the printer will not stop and wait for media to be loaded. To have the printer wait, set TRAY 1 SIZE and TRAY 1 TYPE to types other than ANY on the Paper Handling menu.

NOTE If the SIZE and TYPE are set to ANY, and MANUAL FEED PROMPT is set to UNLESS

LOADED, then the media will be pulled from tray 1 without prompting. If MANUAL FEED PROMPT is set to ALWAYS, then the printer will prompt you to load media, even if tray 1 is set to SIZE=ANY and TYPE=ANY.

If you have selected MANUAL FEED=ON at the printer control panel, this setting will override the printer driver, and all print jobs that you send to the printer will request manually fed paper in tray 1 unless a specific tray has been selected in the printer driver. If this feature is to be used only occasionally, it is best to set MANUAL FEED=OFF at the printer control panel and to select the manual feed option in the printer driver on a job-by-job basis.

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