Enable shared drive to store printer device drivers

Check the checkbox to create a folder on the print appliance for printer drivers. When created, it appears in Network Neighborhood as a folder under the Print Appliance Name.

The print driver share folder is a convenient place for you to store print drivers for later downloading to client workstations. The administrator has read-write access to the folder (called "@drivers", while others have read-only access to the folder (which appears to them as "drivers").

When installing a printer driver at a client workstation, you may find it convenient to click Have disk and find the driver in the HP JetDirect 4000 printer driver folder.

If you restore the print appliance to its factory defaults, the shared driver folder will be erased. The Save/Restore Configuration option in the web interface does not save data contained in the driver folder. However, you can save data in the folder to another device using common file management tools.

Click Apply to set the network settings. Click Cancel to keep the network settings at their previous values.

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