Client Setup Problems


Possible Cause/Solution

I can't locate the print queue from the client.

The client is on a different subnet than the HP JetDirect 4000. Verify that WINS is configured correctly in "Network Settings".

The Network Neighborhood browser has not yet updated. Try accessing the print appliance by selecting Start from the task bar, and select Find and Computer.

When connected to a printer that has been configured for an HP JetDirect 4000, I get the message, "The server on which the printer resides does not have a suitable NULL printer driver installed. Click OK if you wish to install the driver on your local machine".

Click OK, and continue following the prompts to perform the normal client printer driver installation.

I can't locate the HP JetDirect 4000 on the network.

Network Neighborhood has not had enough time to automatically update. This may take up to 30 minutes. An alternative method is to select the Windows Start button from the task bar, select Find and Computer, and enter the name or IP address of the HP JetDirect 4000.

You can also use the UNC path directly and avoid browsing delays. (for example \\spooler1\queue1).

Try accessing the print appliance with your browser's proxy server not enabled.

(Also see Hardware Setup Problems above for alternative causes/solutions.)

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