24Why do I have to load a print driver on every client when I use the HP Jet Direct 4000 Print Appliance and I didnt with my NT print server

Windows NT has a feature called point and print that will download many print drivers from the NT print server to the client automatically when a printer is configured on the client.

The HP JetDirect 4000 does not have this feature. When a printer is configured on the client, you will be notified that "The server on which the printer resides does not have a suitable NULL printer driver installed. Click on OK if you wish to install the driver on your local machine."

You must select an appropriate print driver from the printer installation dialog box or another source like a network drive or the disk supplied with the printer.

25. My DHCP server automatically assigned an IP address to a new printer I've added to the network. Where do I find that address?

You can either print out a printer test page, or access the DHCP server to display the scope of Active Leases.

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