Users Guide

for HP Jetdirect 200m print server/Internet connector and HP Jetdirect 250m print server/Internet connector


1. Get started quickly with installing the printer and print server

2. Learn the basics of networking and network printing

3. General information about the print server

4. Install the print server

5. Configure and manage the print server

6. Troubleshoot the print server

7. Get support for the print server

8. Specifications and regulatory information for the print server

9. Limited warranty for the print server

10. Some useful tools and techniques o Tools

■ Embedded web server o Techniques

Printing a configuration page Setting a new IP address

Performing a cold reset (reset to factory defaults)

Get Started Quickly

This is essentially the same information as the installation instructions that appear on the HP Jetdirect 200m/250m setup poster.

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1. Set up the printer hardware.

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Jetdirect 250m
Refer to your printer's documentation for detailed instructions.

Do not connect the printer to your computer with a USB or parallel cable.

If your printer's CD is available, keep it handy for use in step 3, below. You will use the printer's CD instead of the HP Jetdirect CD — it has all the software you need for a complete network installation.

When the printer is set up, return to this poster and continue with step 2.

2. Connect the print server.

Switch on the printer's power.

Plug in the print server. Push it into the printer's LIO slot until it clicks into place.

Plug in the network cable. Plug one end of the cable into your network device (a hub, switch, or router — if your network cabling is hidden in the walls, your connection may be a wall outlet). Plug the other end into the print server.

Check the lights. After a few seconds, the status light should be ON (solid green) and one of the two link lights should be ON (solid green). If the lights on the print server are different from this pattern, see the troubleshooting notes on the other side of this poster.

Wait two minutes for the print server to poll the network for available protocols and services.

Print a configuration page by pushing the test button (icon).

If the page does not print successfully, see the troubleshooting notes on the other side of this poster.

3. Choose the installation CD and run the installer.


Use the CD that came with your printer (instead of the HP Jetdirect CD) if it is available. The printer's CD has all the software you need for a complete network installation.

Printer Driver Software Disk

Insert the printer's CD into your computer's CD drive. The CD should start automatically and offer you a choice of buttons — click on the Install button and follow the instructions on the screen. (If the CD does not start automatically, double-click on the SETUP program on the CD.) When the installer finishes and you can print to the network printer, you have completed the installation.

If the printer's CD is not available, insert the HP Jetdirect (print server) CD and run its installer.

HP Jetdirect CD (use only if printer's CD is not available)

You will also need your printer's driver; if you don't have it, you can get it from the Web at


Install the printer driver from the CD that came with the printer. If that CD is not available, you can get the driver from the Web at

If you need to print via the IP protocol, use the LaserJet utility on the HP Jetdirect (print server) CD.

4. Set up other computers as needed.

Jetdirect 250m

For peer-to-peer printing (where each computer prints directly to the network printer), run the installer (as in step 3) on each computer.

For client/server printing (where each computer sends print jobs through a network server computer), you need run the installer only on the server, and set up the server for printer sharing. Then each client computer must install the printer driver and connect to the shared printer on the network server. (An easy way to do this is to use the Microsoft Windows Point and Print function. See your operating system documentation for details on Point and Print.)

For basic information on peer-to-peer and client/server printing, see the Network Basics Tutorial on the HP Jetdirect CD.

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