Installation fails installer cant find printer driver

If the network printer installer program (the Install Network Printer Wizard) can't find the right printer driver files to install on your computer, the installation will not complete successfully. This is usually a problem if you are running the installer from the HP Jetdirect CD (the CD that came in the print server box if you bought your printer and print server separately). That installer is a general-purpose installer that works with virtually any HP printer and print server, and consequently doesn't know the details about drivers for any particular printer.

Any printer that can use the HP Jetdirect 200m and 250m print servers comes with its own CD, which contains a similar installer. There's a significant difference, though: the installer on the printer's CD knows where to find the printer driver (it's right there on the CD).

So if your installation fails and you've used the Jetdirect CD, try it again using the printer's CD. Alternatively, if the printer's CD isn't handy, you can download the driver from HP's web site; then use the installer on the Jetdirect CD, and point to the driver files you downloaded when the installer asks for them.

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