Tip Using Non Standard Size Paper

The printer driver provided with the HP DeskWriter 600 printer does not provide settings for non-standard paper sizes. Paper sizes that are considered non-standard are those with a width between 5 and 8.5 inches (127 and 215 mm) and a length between 5.83 and 14 inches (148 and 356 mm).

In general, to use non-standard paper sizes, first set up your software application for a page size that is the same as or smaller than the paper now in the printer. Then, in Page Setup, select the paper size that is one size larger in both directions than the paper now in the printer. For more precise control of printing on non-standard size papers, use the following steps.

1. Slide the paper width adjuster to its leftmost position.

2. Pull out the paper length adjuster and remove any paper from the IN tray.

Make sure the card guide (used when printing on index cards and postcards) is in the down position. (See the drawing on page 31 in the procedure Using Index Cards and Postcards for the location of the card guide.)

3. Remove up to a 1/2 inch (1 cm) stack of paper from its package and tap the short edge of the stack on a flat surface to even the stack.

Paper Length Adjuster

Paper Width Adjuster


Be sure the width of the paper is between 5.0 and 8.5 inches (127 and 216 mm) and be sure the length of the paper is between 5.83 and 14 inches (148 and 356 mm).

4. Note the width and length dimensions of the non-standard size paper. (These measurements are used later in the procedure to determine the correct paper size settings for the non-standard size paper).

5. Insert the non-standard size paper evenly into the IN tray, print side down, until it stops.

6. Align the right edge of the paper stack with the right side of the IN tray.

Make sure the paper does not bend in the IN tray.

When the paper is shorter in length than 8 2/3 inches (approximately 22 cm), release the handle of the paper length adjuster as shown on page 33 before you push in the paper length adjuster. Lowering the paper length adjuster handle reduces the paper capacity of the IN tray to a maximum stack height of 5/]s inch (0.8 cm).

8. Push the paper length adjuster in toward the paper until it stops.

Make sure the paper does not bend in the IN tray.

9. Determine the sizes of your document's margins. Record them using the following identifiers:

10. In the Page Setup dialog box, select a paper size that is larger in both the width (M) and the length (N) than the paper now in the printer.

11. Within your software application, account for the differences by setting the printing margins as follows:

Left = (L) Right = (M - X + R) Top = (T) Bottom = (N - Y + B)

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