Character Sets

PC-8 Danish Norwegian O O ECMA-94 Latin 1 (ISO 8859 1) O ECMA-94 Latin 2 (ISO 8859 2) O United Kingdom (ISO 4) > Windows 3.1 Latin 1, Latin 2, Latin 5 Spanish (ISO 17) Cyrillic Arabic optional ROM C5876A-G (see below) German (ISO 21) Hebrew Greek optional ROM C5876A-H (see below) Danish Norwegian (ISO 60) French (ISO 69) Certain printers are localized with special fonts and symbol sets in addition to the Latin fonts. These printers carry an identifier on their rear panel name plates. Note...

Fonts Included

All fonts included with the HP DeskJet 890C series printers are scalable fonts. These fonts are available in portrait and landscape orientation. There are no bit-mapped fonts installed in the printer. Scalable TrueType Fonts for MS Windows TrueType fonts are found in the FontSmart font management program on the CD-ROM. You may elect to install groups of 16, 61 or 126 fonts at setup (or afterward). Once installed, you can easily add or delete fonts through the FontSmart program.

Product Performance Specifications

HP DeskJet 890C series printers print a true 600 DPI dot size. In the Normal mode, 300x300 data is sent which the printer REts to 600x600. This happens very quickly because the conversion uses a hard-coded table to convert to 600x600 rather than an on-the-fly algorithm. In the Best mode, 600x600 data is sent to the printer and used directly. Although somewhat slower than the Normal mode, this approach produces the highest quality. When the printing in color, data is always sent as 300 x 300...

System Requirements

80386 25 MHz CPU At least 4 MB of RAM DOS version 3.3 or later 80386 CPU 4 MB of RAM 80486 66 MHz CPU 12 MB RAM 10 MB free disk space to install drivers . 10 MB free disk space to install drivers . DOS version 3.3 or later 80386 CPU 4MB RAM 15 MB free disk space to install drivers