Sharing Property Page Options



Not Shared

Configures the printer for private use. Only the user logged on to the computer will be able to use the printer.


Makes the printer available for network users also.

Share Name

Allows the name of the printer to be entered thereby allowing documents to be directed to it from network users. For example, if a network user has different printers in a printer pool, assigning the Share Name "HPDeskJet" to the document would assure that the document would be delivered to the correct printer.

Alternate Drivers

This feature is not supported.

Lists alternate printer drivers for computers running Windows 95 and Alpha, MIPS, and PowerPC computers running Windows NT.

Alpha, Power PC, MIPS, and x86-based computers require different printer drivers.

For example, to use a printer driver created in an x86-based Windows NT computer, a RISC-based client running Windows NT requires the appropriate RISC printer driver for that printer. The Windows NT print server determines whether incoming print requests are Alpha, Power PC, MIPS, or x86-based and automatically uses the appropriate driver if it is present. To modify the permissions, on the printer go to the Security tab.


Closes this dialog box and saves any changes made.


Closes this dialog box and cancels any changes made.

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