Hard Disk Space Requirements

HP DeskJet 340 printer requires the Macintosh computer to have a hard disk. The table below lists the disk space needed for the printer drivers and the fonts included with the printers.

Table 5-2. Hard Disk Space Needs

HP DeskJet 340

File or Font


Printer Driver

705 K


HP Background

15 K

HP Print Monitor

68 K

Printer Fonts

ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book

37 K

ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book Demi

36 K

ITC Bookman Light

43 K

ITC Bookman Light Italic

43 K

ITC Bookman Demi

43 K

ITC Bookman Demi Italic

44 K

Helvetica Narrow

54 K

Helvetica Narrow Bold

55 K

New Century Schoolbook

50 K

New Century Schoolbook Italic

50 K

New Century Schoolbook Bold

51 K

New Century Schoolbook Bold Italic

51 K

ITC Zapf Chancery Medium Italic

55 K


50 K

ITC Zapf Dingbats

58 K

Bernhard Modern

45 K

Cooper Black

53 K

Dom Casual

58 K

PL Torino Outline

63 K

CG Poster Bodoni

53 K

Graphite Light

48 K

Graphite Light Narrow

48 K

Lucida Casual

54 K

Lucida Casual Italic

56 K

PL Benguiat Frisky

48 K


50 K

Signet Roundhand

60 K


80 K

ColorSync Profile

100 K

ColorSync System

23 K


110 K

HP Printer Guide

135 K

If the system disk or system folder is too full, remove any printer drivers, applications, fonts, or documents that are not used frequently.

Caution Before removing anything from the hard disk, be sure to make backup copies of items that may be needed in the future. New printers come with printer drivers. However, it is good practice to copy printer drivers to a backup disk before removing them from the hard disk. Be sure to remove only printer drivers from the system folder. Do not remove any other files from the system folder.

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