Motor Control Overview

There are four main motors in the HP 2500C printer : the Carriage Motor, the IDS Motor, the Line Feed motor and the Dual Bin motor. Additionally, there are two Service Station Motors and one Output Ramp Motor. The following diagram shows the control hierarchy of the motors in the HP 2500C:

Firmware is the collective medium comprising of the computer, the printer mechanism and the key panel that enables all three components to communicate and interact. The printer by itself does not independent capability to process printing data (such as print mode and byte stream), obtaining this data from the software-driven printer driver.

The printer is thus dependent on the host for the processing and sending of job data. The HP 2500C, however, supports full duplex (bi-directional) printing and is able to give extensive feedback on print status to the host computer.

This is an overview of the firmware, summarizing the flow of data:

(firmware data flow diagram)

The firmware operates on three layers: the physical layer, the data link layer and the application layer.

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