Desk Jet 1220C Software Diagnostic Test Program

The DeskJet 1220C Software Diagnostic Test Program performs the following functions:

• Print Final Test Page-Prints two final test pages.

• Reset NVRAM-Resets the printer NVRAM. This will reset the page count to zero. If you changed the Logic PCA, you will be prompted to key in the printer's serial number. Note the last two digits of the serial number are keyed in but not displayed.

• Firmware Version-Identifies the printer firmware version.

• Carriage Test-Performs a functional test of the Carriage.

• Service Station Test-Performs a functional test of the Service Station.

• Cancel Printer I/O-Disables the printer I/O. This option is located in a separate window.

To install the DeskJet 1220C Software Diagnostic Test Program:

1 Create a folder, for example, c:\1220C.

2 Unzip to this folder. It should contain seven files: escherNT.exe,hpfcom15.dll,mine2.pcl,spooler.bat,starts.bat,,and vs.dll.

3 Open the folder and unzip vcommapi.exe.

4 Install vcommapi.exe and restart your computer.

5 Copy the files Hpfcom15.dll and Vs.dll to c:\winNT\system32.

6 Double-click escherNT.exe to run the program. The HP 1220C Diagnostic Test and the Cancel Printer I/O windows will appear.

Removal, Replacement, and Calibration

Removal and Replacement Strategy 7-2

Removal and Replacement Tools 7-2

Before You Begin 7-2

Tips for Disassembling the Printer 7-3

Disassembly Sequence 7-4

Consumer Removable Parts 7-5

Output Tray 7-5

Stopper Assembly 7-5

Cleanout Trough Assembly 7-6

Parts Serviceable without Calibration 7-7

Stopper Guides 7-7

Rubber Feet 7-8

Access Door Assembly 7-8

Logic PCA Assembly 7-9

Left End Cap Assembly 7-10

Power Supply Assembly 7-11

Power Insulator 7-1 2

Right End Cap Assembly 7-1 2

Keypanel PCA 7-13

Main Logic Harness Assembly 7-13

Power Switch Harness 7-14

Hand Grabs 7-14

Linefeed/Encoder PCA 7-14

Encoder Disk Assembly 7-1 5

Output Belt 7-1 5

Encoder Strip 7-16

Carriage Motor Assembly 7-1 7

Service Station Mechanism Assembly 7-18

Spot Sensor Assembly 7-18

Pivot Spring and Rocker Plate Spring 7-19

Rail Cover 7-20

Starwheels Assembly 7-20

Output Mechanism Assembly 7-21

Output Motor Assembly 7-22

Input Tray Assembly 7-22

Pick Roller Assembly 7-24

Serviceable Parts that Require Calibration 7-26

Carriage Assembly/Carriage Rod 7-26

Flex Cable 7-27

Backbone Assembly 7-28

Upper Paper Guide Assembly 7-28

Drive Roller Assembly 7-30

Trough-1 Assembly 7-31

Right Support Assembly 7-32

Left Support Assembly 7-33

Base Plate Assembly 7-33

Removal of Subassembly Parts 7-34

Calibrating the Printer 7-36

Calibration Tool 7-36

How to Calibrate 7-36

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