Printer drivers

Printer drivers allow you to gain access to the printer features and allow the computer to communicate with the printer (using a printer language). Check the install notes, readme, and late-breaking readme files on the printer CD-ROM for additional software and languages.

The following printer drivers are included with the printer. The most recent drivers are available at or Depending on the configuration of Windows-based computers, the installation program for the printer software automatically checks the computer for Internet access to obtain the latest drivers.

Other media types affect the printer settings as well: Selecting heavy or glossy media, for example, causes the printer to change the engine speed.

The printer driver also gives you customized control of color text, graphics, and photos. Use the printer driver to set the following color control options:

• Print in Grayscale

• Halftone options

• Neutral Grays

See the printer driver's online Help for details on color settings and their effect on printed output.

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