Macintosh Configure Device Mac OS X V103 and Mac OS X V104

Macintosh Configure Device is a Web-based program that provides access to information about the printer (for example, information about supplies status and printer settings). Use Macintosh Configure Device to monitor and manage the printer from the computer p-pf NOTE You must perform a complete software installation to use Macintosh Configure Device.

• Check the printer status and print information pages.

• Check and change printer system settings.

• Check default print settings.

• Check and change network settings, including IP configuration, Advanced, mDNS, SNMP, network configuration, and password.

You can view Macintosh Configure Device when the printer is directly connected to your computer or when it is connected to the network.

jjpj^ NOTE You do not have to have Internet access to open and use Macintosh Configure Device.

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