Loading Tray

Tray 1 (the single sheet priority feed slot) prints single sheets of print media or a single envelope. Use Tray 1 when feeding one sheet of paper, envelope, postcard, label, HP LaserJet glossy paper, HP LaserJet Photo paper, or transparency. You can also use Tray 1 to print the first page on different media than the rest of the document.

1. Media guides ensure that the media is correctly fed into the printer and that the print is not skewed (crooked on the media). Slide the media-width guides slightly wider than the print media.

2. Feed print media into Tray 1 with the side to be printed down, and the top, short edge in first. Make sure that the media is inserted far enough into the printer for the paper feed mechanism to grab the media.

NOTE There is a short pause before the paper is picked up.

NOTE To load special media such as labels, transparencies, HP LaserJet glossy paper, HP LaserJet Photo paper, and letterhead or printed forms, feed or place the media with the side to be printed facing down. For additional information about printing on special print media, see Printing on special media.

NOTE If you are printing on both sides, see Printing on both sides for loading instructions.

Tray 2 and optional Tray 3 are accessed from the front of the printer and hold up to 250 sheets of paper. Tray 2 also supports other media such as envelopes, postcards, transparencies, HP LaserJet glossy paper, and HP LaserJet Photo paper.

NOTE Tray 3 is standard on HP Color LaserJet 2605dtn.

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