Canceling a print job

A print job can be canceled from a program, from a print queue, or from the @ (Cancel Job) button on the printer.

• If the printer has not started printing, first try to cancel the job within the program that sent the print job.

• If the print job is waiting in a print queue or print spooler such as the Printers folder (Printers or faxes in Windows 2000 or Windows XP), try to delete the job from there next.

• If the print job is already printing, press © (Cancel Job) on the printer. The printer finishes printing any pages that are already moving through the printer and deletes the remainder of the print job.

• Pressing © (Cancel Job) cancels only the current job in the printer. If more than one print job is in printer memory, you must press ® (Cancel Job) once for each job after the job starts printing.

The Ready light will blink and the Cancelling print will display in the message area.

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