2Click Install HP Color Laser Jet Software

3. On the Welcome screen, click Next.

4. On the Installer updates screen, click Yes to search for installer updates on the Web.

5. For Windows 2000, on the Installation Options screen, choose the installation option. Hewlett-Packard recommends a typical installation, if your system supports it.

6. On the License Agreement screen, read the license agreement, indicate that you accept the terms, and then click Next.

7. For Windows 2000, on theHP Extended Capabilities screen, choose whether you want this feature, and then click Next.

8. On the Destination Folder screen, choose the destination folder, and then click Next.

9. On the Ready to Install screen, click Next to begin installation.

NOTE If you want to change your settings, instead of clicking Next, click Back to return to previous screens, and then change the settings.

10. On the Connection Type screen, select Directly to this computer, and then click Next.

11. Connect the USB cable.

12. Allow the installation process to complete.

13. On the Windows taskbar, click Start, click Settings, and then click Printers.

• In Windows XP, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Printers and Faxes.

14. In the dialog box, right-click the printer, and then click Sharing.

15. Select Share this printer, type the printer name if necessary, and then click OK.

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