Print on both sides of the paper

1. Insert enough paper into Tray 2 or optional Tray 3 to accommodate the print job.

NOTE In Windows, Print on both sides (manually) must be enabled to complete these instructions. To enable duplexing, in the printer driver, select Properties, and then click on the Configure tab. Under Paper handling, select Allow Manual Duplexing, and then click OK to save.

2. Use the following procedure to configure the printer to print on both sides (manually).

• Windows: In the printer driver, select the Finishing tab, select the Print on both sides (manually) option, and then send the job to print.

3. After the job is finished printing, remove any blank paper from Tray 2 or optional Tray 3. Lift the printed stack from the output bin and insert the printed stack without rotating or turning the stack over into the printer tray that was used for the first part of the job.

4. Press M (Select) to continue printing on the second side.

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