Software features and functions overview

Use the options of the Setup and Features tabs in the printer driver of the hp color inkjet printer cp1700 series to perform the following functions:

printer driver features

printer driver features

1. Print in duplex mode : Print on both sides of a page by using the auto-duplex unit. Perform duplex printing manually if you have not installed the auto-duplex unit. When you select manual duplexing, LCD displays instructions on how to insert paper into the printer.

2. Create handouts : Print presentation slides on regular paper.

3. Create a booklet : Print and collate a multiple-page document by printing two pages of the document on each side of a paper. For example, an eight-page document is printed with pages 1 and 8 on the same side of the paper and pages 2 and 7 on the other side of the paper. Fold the printout in half to create a booklet.

4. Tile pages : Enlarge and print a page in sections and on different sheets of paper. Use these sheets of paper as tiles to form a large poster.

5. Create and use watermarks : Specify the text to be placed in the background of an existing document. For example, you might want to print draft or confidential diagonally across the first page or all pages of a document.

6. Create a banner : Create a banner by using software, such as Corel Print House, Microsoft Publisher, and Broderbund Print Shop.

7. Resize document views : Resize document views by using the HP ZoomSmart feature.

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