Bornon date current situation

Born-on Date is designed to provide an accurate warranty start date. This also helps minimize the use of manual proof of purchase or the grace period method. When a customer installs the printer driver the first time, the system date is downloaded to the printer's FW. This is not erasable in most cases. Therefore, the Born-on Date is the only electronic Proof of Purchase. Born-on Date will be displayed on the HP product in the front panel (under Utilities -> Statistics), in the Service Config. Plot and in the Web Server as Service ID . Although a few divisions have reached an agreement to use the BOD format of YYDDD, there still are slight differences in the implementation. Therefore, there is a very small discrepancy in the BOD consistency on products that are already present in the market today. APD, VPR, VCD and AiO (SDD & OPD) have agreed to a method of addressing the current consistency issue and to implement a standard for future firmware and product releases. Currently the YYDDD format is used in the following manner:

• YY = actual year or Year since 1990 - For example: 1998 could be 98 or 08

• DDD = Julian date (the number of actual days since Jan. 1) or Pseudo Julian date (the number of days since Jan. 1 while assuming each month is 30 days) For example:

• Julian Date for December 31st = 365 (or 366 depending on if it is a leap year)

• Pseudo Julian Date for December 31st = 360 (12 * 30 days or 11*30 +30)

The discrepancy is extremely small and divisions are willing to allow each customer a 6-day grace period (considering the leap year).

By using the BOD, the actual warranty start date is the installation date. Additionally, customers will be given a grace period of 6 days. This design is not only more accurate; it is more equitable to customers.

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