Printing System Troubleshooting

Printing systems contain hardware and software components which must work together properly before printing can take place. The printer driver provides the interface between the software applications that support printing, the computer's hardware, and the printer. The basic printing system consists of the following:

1. Host computer with application software (word processing, graphics design, desktop publishing, etc.)

2. Printer driver (specific to your printer and, in some cases, your application software) loaded on the host computer

3. Printer cable

4. Printer (HP DeskJet 400 Series)

5. The paper or other media upon which printing will take place

HP DeskJet 400 printer driver not only provides the hardware/software interface, but also allows bi-directional communication between the printer and the computer. Bi-directional communication allows printing information to flow from the computer to the printer, and printer status and error information to flow back from the printer to the computer.

Troubleshooting Tools

The following table lists the tools needed for general printer maintenance. Recommended Troubleshooting Tools and Supplies




Print Cartridge Cleaning Operations.

Lint -free cloth

Cleaning the Printer and the Print Cartridge Contacts.

Computer vacuum

Loosening and removing paper dust and other particulate

matter from the interior of the printer.

Distilled water

Used for all cleaning purposes requiring water.

Resolving Printing System Problems

Many printer problems and their solutions are reported in error messages that appear on the computer's screen. When one of these messages is received, follow the instructions given. Check the HP DeskJet Status Monitor for the current status of the printer.

If you haven't received an error message but have noted a problem with your printer, read through the troubleshooting topics that follow to find one that matches your printer's symptoms.

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