Installation Results

How the Font Installer Works

System 7.0

The Font Installer copies the font files to the System File in the System Folder.

System 7.1 and greater

The Font Installer copies the font files to the Fonts Folder in the System Folder.

PostScript Compatibility

PostScript fonts are also compatible with the printer. Creating high-quality output using Type 1 fonts requires Adobe Type Manager (ATM).

Font Priorities

If a system has both ATM and TrueType fonts installed, the printer driver uses the following in order to choose printer outline fonts for printing.

1. ATM fonts

2. TrueType fonts

3. Screen fonts (when no printer outline fonts are available)

Note TrueType (and Type 1) fonts are variable-sized fonts,

— sometimes called outline fonts. Bitmapped or screen fonts are fixed size fonts.

Removing Fonts

If previous HP printer drivers have been used, some fonts that are no longer needed can be deleted with the following steps.

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