DOS Programs and Recommended Printer Drivers

DOS Software Program


Recommended Printer Driver


5.1, 5.1+, 6.x

HP DeskJet 600, 660C, or 850C

Harvard Graphics


HP DeskJet 540

Lotus 1-2-3

2.x, 3.x, 4.0

HP DeskJet 540

MS Word

5.5, 6.0

HP DeskJet 560C

Information on installing a DOS printer driver for a particular DOS application is supplied by the software manufacturer.

HP DeskJet Control Panel for DOS

The DeskJet Control Panel for DOS is software that replaces the front panel switches found on older printers. The HP Control Panel for DOS does not replace printer drivers. When there is no specific HP DeskJet 670C series printer driver available for an application, the HP Control Panel gives the user access to print settings and features not available through the DOS application. If settings are available in the DOS application printer driver and the DOS Control Panel, the settings made in the DOS application override those made in the HP Control Panel for DOS.

The HP Control Panel for DOS also lets the user monitor the printer's status, and clean and align the print cartridges.

Minimum System Requirements l DOS version 3.3 (or newer) o An 80286 (or better) processor o 2 MB of RAM to print in black or 4 MB of RAM to print in color


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