Common Windows Problems



Difficulty installing the printer driver.

1. Close all other applications and memory resident programs.

2. Reinstall the printer driver using the HP Printer Setup program (SETUP). Do not install through the Control Panel.

Printer won't print from Windows.

1. Make sure the printer is on, the Power light is on, and the printer is properly connected to the computer with the appropriate cable.

2. Verify the correct printer model and port are selected in the Control Panel or Printer Setup menu.

3. Verify the printer is the "Default" device in the Control Panel, is selected as the active printer in the application, and the correct port is selected.

4. Are any of the printer lights flashing? If so, the printer detects an error (for example out-of-paper or a paper jam) and the printer is off-line.

Illegible output when

1. Verify the proper printer model is selected in the Printer Setup



2. Verify the interface cable between the host and the printer is OK. (Print a directory from DOS. Type: c:\dir>LPT1)

No transparency option available.

1. Verify that the HP DeskJet 400 Printer Driver is selected rather than the Microsoft printer driver included with Windows.

2. Verify the correct printer is selected in the Printer Setup menu. Otherwise, the transparency mode may not be selectable.

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